KGG protivpozarne zavese
TYPE TFRA – system KGG

protivdimna zavesa

The textile-flexible smoke protection closure (TFRA) is used to protect building components from smoke passing through. It is sealed using a special, passive sealing system (without pneumatics).

The KGG TFRA product is standard equipped with a wire-reinforced, glass filament fabric that is coated on both sides and that we also used in our textile-flexible fire protection closure TFF (E30 – E180).

Optionally available with standard end rail (galvanized sheet steel) or with flexible end strip.

Building inspectorate approval: Z-6.62-2269
Tested according to EN 1634-3 and DIN 18095-3.
Temperature range: Smoke temperature up to 200°C
Class: RS (smoke protection)
Closing directions: vertical or arched
Closing cycles: 10,000 cycles according to test

Protivdimne zavese Protivdimne zavese Protivdimne zavese Protivdimne zavese






Take advantage of KGG innovative, ball-bearing mounted guide rails that ensure secure and low-wear closing and opening, even in a draught.

For textile-flexible smoke protection closures no wicket door options can be optionally integrated.

The system can optionally be factory retrofitted with additional E30 – E180 and EW20 – EW90 protection goals or even in inventory.

Equivalent EI30/EI90 protection goals are possible with various different compensation measures.

The TFRA can also be used in an elevated installation site or as part of track-bound conveyor systems in addition to the standard configuration.